Custom & Modular Displays for the new normal.

Creating multi-functional modular solutions that capture attention

Not only with our designs, but with our business processes, we make sure goals are achieved and expectations surpassed.
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Creative Solutions

Inspiration comes from everywhere; nature, life, culture, desire, success. We identify your specific cues to create an environment that is true to your business assuring each solution is right for you.

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Display Management

Allow us to put our experience to work for you. We will identify, generate schedules and implement processes that let you focus on business at hand.

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Our team is eager and ready to develop solutions that fit the trade show display criteria: light weight, easy to assemble, breaks down for shipping, durable and long lasting, changeable and made with the higher quality.

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Inventory & Warehousing

Located in Wethersfield, Connecticut, our 65,000 sq.ft. facility keeps all aspects of business under one roof. From design, to graphic production, to shop fabrication to staging and warehousing, we can offer efficiency with simplicity.

Here at Oldham Studios, we have shifted our efforts to help develop and implement safety solutions for the new normal. What is that exactly? It's a focus on safety, health and assurance while allowing you to do the things you need to do. Let us help you stay safe with design and build solutions that are needed now. Reach out to us to discuss your needs.

Supplying creative design and management services for you, your business and your community

Developing solutions that are right for you and your business

Oldham Studios creates, develops and builds modular exhibit display and work environments that function. Our 3rd generation family business continues to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the times. Our goal is to exceed the customers expectations in design, construction, application and final goals. We bring honesty, dedication and imagination back to the business environment. Do you have a small display program? We have you covered. We support small and local businesses with a unique service plan that fits your specific needs in a way that makes sense to you. Needing global coverage? We will supply a network of service providers who can support you wherever you go. How about a multifaceted domestic tradeshow program utilizing various size and scale of solutions? We can cover ALL your display needs. We will generate service strategies and solutions that work for you.

  • One display does not fit all. Thats why the product and services we provide are customized just for you and the way you do business.

  • Our design and fabrication facility is located in Wethersfield, Connecticut. With over 75,000 SqFt of space under one roof.

  • The Oldham Studios team works together to assure outstanding and professional service and provide award winning solutions.

  • We are the designers and fabricators of quality and award winning displays and service for over 85 years.

The Oldham Team

Our team has been strategically assembled to offer the maximum experience, knowledge and abilities to support every facet of the the trade show and exhibit industry. I like to call us the perfect team! The term “Wearing many hats” is fitting here at Oldham Studios. We overlap abilities and capabilities to supply immediate solutions when situations demand it. We take pride in assuring success for our customers. We measure our success by our customers success.

Mark Oldham

President, Director & Program Manager
Mark is the 3rd generation owner and President of John Oldham Studios, Inc. Being a RISD alumni, and 27+ years experience in the tradeshow industry, he is devoted to creating form/function solutions that inspire.

John Oldham, Jr.

Vice President, Treasurer and Quality Control
John is a 50+ year veteran who has the experience and fundamentals of how a business works and how to supply customers with great products. He oversees all projects and offers guidance on the internal workings of Oldham Studios.

John Urgo

Fabrication & Production Manager, Solutions Specialist
Johns unique business and creative background assures complete solutions that factor into all aspects of the exhibit process. He incorporates his visual arts background with fabrication processes and teamwork to guarantee every inspiring project is show ready.

Jennifer Gitberg

Administrative Services, Office Manager
Jennifer Gitberg is our office manager, and keeps us all in check. Amongst the day-to-day activities, Jennifer arranges UPS, FedEx, and international shipping; and schedules our in-house delivery services, correspondences, logistics and event packets.

Gary Riedel

Graphic Design and Production Manager
Gary Riedel oversees our graphic design department. He has 20+ years of experience at Oldham Studios and is a true artist and fabricator in his field. Gary’s strengths in multiple graphic applications, products and design software allows him to excel in creativity and efficiency.

Mike Krampitz

Detailer, CAD Specialist
Michael Krampitz is our champion of structural design for over 20 years. Mike takes design concepts and makes them construction ready. His ability to document and generate installation instructions are are essential to the communication process with all members of the team.

Brenda Burkey

Bookkeeping and Business Processes
Brenda is the newest member to our team who enhances our processes and services within our bookkeeping and business operations strategy. Her drive for efficiency and performance is inspiring.


Imagination is limitless. Only when you try to package creativity into a simple thing do you understand the complexity of creativity.

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