September 10, 2016

Inspiration for the tradeshow environment

Oldham Studios brings a unique vision of the tradeshow environment that allows you to be you.

Design and Development

Create and implement a program that will speak the language of your brand, your business and your products.


easily transitioning concepts to reality, our shop converts drawings to 3D Environments. Our team will engineer, build and prep your materials and make sure they are fit for the trade show industry.


We have seen everything our industry offers. With 85 years of experience and expertise, your tradeshow program is in good hands.

Inventory / Warehousing

Located in Wethersfield, Connecticut, Oldham Studios has a 65,000 sq.ft facility consisting of design space, graphic production area, shop/construction area and warehousing.  We offer all services under one roof.

Graphic Production

Specializing with one-off graphic design and assembly of murals, posters, flyers and wayward signage.  In house production services including large format printing, mounting and laminating, and vinyl cutting.


We supply crating solutions to protect your equipment during transport.  Let us design and build the crating solutions that will take the brunt of the force so your assets remain protected.